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Question 28
Write the statement of Master Shinran in which he declared that there is not a single good person among the sentient beings in the ten
directions. Give the source too.

Answer 28
The sea of all sentient beings, from time immemorial until this very day and hour, is polluted with evil and lacking in a mind of purity; it is
false and deceitful, lacking in a mind of truth.
                                      Teaching, Practice, Faith, Enlightenment, Chapter on Faith


“The human heart, from ages past till now, is stained with wickedness and lacking in purity; it contains nothing but falsehoods and drivel,
and not an ounce of truth.”
         [Please refer to You Were Born for a Reason pg. 143]

The sea of all sentient beings:
All people, described as a “sea” due to there being so many people. It is also expressed as the “teeming sea of beings.” Not a single person is excluded here.

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