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One of the good deeds that Buddhism teaches is generosity.  Generosity means giving. Based on what you give, giving falls into two  categories. One is material giving, which means giving money or material  goods. The other is sharing Dharma, which means conveying the truth that is taught in Buddhism. By giving, you give joy to the recipient;

therefore, giving is a very good deed, Buddhism teaches.

Once the recipient uses up the money, it’s gone, however. Similarly, once the material item breaks down, it is of no use. In contrast, if the recipient receives the Dharma, his or her life turns joyful now and even into the future. That’s why in Buddhism, giving money or material goods is considered good, but giving Dharma is considered even better.

This website was created in order to share the teachings of Buddhism with people around the world. We are also trying to distribute easy-to-understand Buddhist books to as many people as possible so that they will come to know the Dharma.

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