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ABOUT Online Buddhist Studies

I’m Takahiro Katayama, a Buddhist teacher from International Buddhist Academy.

I studied Buddhism in Japan and now I give talks on Buddhism in the USA.

I found out that there are many people who would like to learn Buddhism in English. 

And although many people are interested in Buddhism and there are some places that offer meditation classes, a place that offers opportunitie to learn Buddhism starting from the basics is rare.

Our dream is actually to build schools of Buddhism around the world. But for now, we would like to build a website that enables many people to learn Buddhism with us. Thanks to many colleagues' cooperation, this website came into existence.

The contents are not abundant yet; but we are going to add more little by little.

Regarding how to enrol, please click on the "Contact us" button so that we can give you more information through online tools such as Skype or Hangout.

We’d like to improve our website based on readers’ opinions, so any feedback is welcome. Feel free to contact us.


Takahiro Katayama

Pure Land Teaching

Pure Land Teaching は、山に入って修行をする







Our Temple






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