The Schedule of Takamori-sensei's Lecture

The dates are all in Japan time.

Because of the on-going coronavirus crisis, all the lectures will be streamed online.

You can listen to the following recorded lectures. Just ask the password to the staff or your teacher.

Exp. Date: July 28

Exp. Date: August 10

Exp. Date: August 10

Exp. Date: August 10

Exp. Date is unknown

Exp. Date: August 10

Exp. Date: October 17

Exp. Date: August 11

Testimonial Speech



Sunday 12: Lecture

Wednesday 22: Dialogue with Takamori-sensei

Sunday 26: 2,000 Tatami mat hall Q&A 

Halftone Image of Crowd


Sunday 6: Lecture
Wednesday 16: Dialogue with Takamori-sensei
Sunday 20: 2,000 Tatami Mat Q&A 
Wednesday 30: Dialogue with Takamori-sensei



Sunday 9, Monday 10: Gotan'e and Memorial Lecture for Shinran Followers

Sunday 23: 2,000 tatami mat hall Q&A

Wednesday 26: Dialogue with Takamori-sensei


Sunday 4: 2,000 tatami mat hall Q&A

Saturday 17: Ho'on'ko Day 1

Sunday 18: Ho'on'ko Day 2

The Japanese word "Gotan'e" means the congregation to celebrate Master Shinran's birth.

"Ho'on'ko" means a congregation to repay the debt of gratitude to Master Shinran.

Simultaneous interpretation is available, with certain conditions. So please ask the person in charge of your group in advance.