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The Schedule of Takamori-sensei's Lecture


The dates are all in Japan time

Members' Dialogue with Takamori-sensei


Sunday 9: Q&A session

Wednesday 19, 1:30-2:30 pm: Members' Dialogue with Takamori-sensei

Sunday 23: Q&A session


Sunday 8: Convention hosted by Youth and Women's Branch

Sunday 22: 2,000 tatami Mat Hall Q&A


Sunday 12: lecture

Sunday 26: 2,000 tatami Mat Q&A


Saturday 16: Gotan'e Day 1

Sunday 17: Gotan'e Day 2

Monday 18: Gotan'e Day 3

Tuesday 19: Gotan'e Day 4

Sunday 31: 2,000 tatami mat Q&A


Saturday 9: Memorial Lecture for Shinran Followers


Saturday 17: Ho'on'ko Day 1

Sunday 18: Ho'on'ko Day 2

Monday 19: Ho'on'ko Day 3

Tuesday 20: Ho'on'ko Day 4

The Japanese word "Gotan'e" means the congregation to celebrate Master Shinran's birth.

Simultaneous interpretation is available, with certain conditions. So please ask the person in charge of your group in advance.  

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