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You'll Be Called A Great Buddhist Scholar By Buddha

一切善悪凡夫人 Is-sai zen maku bon bu nin 聞信如来弘誓願 Mon shin nyo rai gu zei gan 仏言広大勝解者 Butsu gon ko dai sho ge sha 是人名分陀利華 Ze nin myo hun da ri ke


If people, whether good or evil, hear and believe Amida Buddha’s Universal Vow, The Buddha praises them as

‘men of great and superior understanding.’ Such people are called 'white lotus flowers.'



People, whether good or evil: All people Amida Buddha’s Universal Vow: Amida Buddha’s Primal Vow Hear and believe (monshin): Being made aware of the veracity of the Vow in the instant of hearing; to encounter the Vow of Amida and have its truth revealed. Men of great and superior understanding: Eminent wise people, great Buddhist scholars White lotus flowers: Though the white lotus flower blooms in a swamp, it is not at all tainted by the mud. It also only blooms rarely.


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