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Yearly Incomes Range Between $700 to $9 billion, But Happiness Levels Range by Just 0.4 —The Masai P

Recently, a well-known psychologist carried out a large-scale survey on people from various regions around the world. He had people grade their own level of happiness in life from 0 to 7. When he presented the survey results, the world was shocked. So what did he find? Well, the happiness level of the top wealthiest people in the world was 5.8. The happiness level of the Masai people, who are said to be the poorest in the world, was 5.4. The difference between them was just 0.4! When it comes to yearly income, the top wealthiest people in the world earn about $9 billion. By contrast, the Masai people earn about $700. So the wealthiest people earn more than 10 million times what the poorest people earn. We usually think, “If we are blessed with money and things, we can be happy. If we are not blessed with them, we will be unhappy.” However, these survey results shatter this common way of thinking. In order to know what these results convey to us, let us take a look at the difference between the Masai people and the wealthiest people. The Masai people are a nomadic tribe who live in Africa. What kind of lives do they live?

・Their traditional houses are small shacks made of cow dung and mud.

・Their main foods are milk and a mixture of milk and blood. Both of these come from their domestic animals.

・AIDS is spreading in their country, Kenya. Three people die from it every five minutes there.

・The death rate of infants is very high. The lifespan of women is from 40 years to 45 years.

・Their average yearly income is $700.

Well then, what about the extremely rich people? They live lives of incredible luxury, beyond imagination. The Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has riches of $25 billion. He owns a passenger plane costing $350 million. Inside, it has been designed to be like a first-class hotel. The Prince uses this plane as his private jet.

Another rich man has a very fancy lunch every day. Let’s take a look at what he eats. He enjoys

$170 of truffle carpaccio,

$520 of pasta,

$10,000 of champagne,

$17,000 of wine.

Altogether, that makes $27,690! How much will his dinner cost? We cannot imagine … 

Bill Gates of Microsoft has assets totaling 90 billion dollars. What an incredible amount! Even if he spent 90 hundred dollars per day, it would take about 2,700 years for him to run out of money! His yearly income is more than 8 billion dollars. In his 70 million dollar house, he has a pool. Its flooring is patterned with fossils, and it even has its own underwater sound system. You can listen to music while in the water! There is a shower and bath in his locker room. There is a dome-shaped library, and inside that there is a fireplace and a bar. It also contains handwritten notes by Leonardo da Vinci. Bill Gates bought them for 2 million 6 hundred thousand dollars. Through the glazed wall, he can enjoy the night view of Seattle. He also has a theatre. Then there is a guesthouse, a huge underground car park, tennis courts, a playing field, a man-made river, etcetera. There are just too many things to mention.

The rich people eat whatever they want, live in splendid houses with pools, and they can even spend their lives just playing around without working, thanks to having millions, billions, even trillions of dollars. However, do you remember the difference between their happiness level and the happiness level of people who live in small houses made of made of cow dung and mud? It was just 0.4! There is a huge gap between the happiness level we imagine them to have and the happiness level they have in reality. Shakyamuni Buddha taught this through these words:

"Having and not-having are the same"


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