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Why Do People Hurt Others So Easily?

Amida’s Salvation Occurs in This Life and in the Next Anonymous, Toyama Prefecture

Recently, there was an awful incident on a bullet train, where one person was killed and two were injured. People do not know for what purpose they were born human or which direction they should take in life. Probably that is the reason why they do not understand the dignity of human life and kill or hurt others very easily.

Buddhism teaches of the “three worlds.” Compared to the limitless past and the eternal future, our life is fleeting; just a moment indeed. However, in such an instant life, the “eternal darkness”, which has been constantly tormenting us since the distant past and continues to torment us into the future, is eliminated in an instant (ichinen). And so we are saved into absolute happiness in this life, having our birth in the Pure Land settled.

Then, immediately upon death, we attain buddhahood in the Pure Land. In fact, what we are pursuing is far more than the purpose of THIS life; our life exists in order to fulfill the purpose of MYRIAD lives. The 2000 Tatami Mat Hall exists only for this reason. Having learned this, I was thoroughly impressed and surprised.

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