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Why Do All Buddhas in the Universe Praise Amida Buddha As Their Master?


Write Master Shinran’s hymn in which he taught clearly the reason why all buddhas in the universe praise Amida Buddha as their master. Give the source too.


As only he can destroy the darkness of no light

he is named the Buddha of the Light of Wisdom.

All the buddhas and bodhisattvas

together join in praising him.

(Hymns on the Pure Land) You Were Born For a Reason page 153】


Amida Buddha is praised by all the other buddhas and bodhisattvas as the "Buddha of the Light of Wisdom," because he alone has power to destroy the darkness of mind―the ignorance concerning what happens after death―that is the source of human suffering and save us into a state of being certain to be born into the Pure Land.

the Light of Wisdom: The power to destroy the darkness of mind (the ignorance concerning what happens after death) and to make us gain certainty of birth in the Pure Land.

(from the doctrine book 3-21)


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