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Who is The “One Who is But a Single Moment From Death”?

Here's a thank-you letter from our Buddhist friend, Ilona Yakimenko, from Russia. This letter was shared by the PR section of Shinrankai.

When we listen to Buddhism,

we must receive it as our own matter

I was especially moved by ichinen salvation, which is the vital linchpin and fountainhead of Amida's Vow. When we hear “one who is but a single moment from death” or “one with but a moment of life remaining, the end near”, we think, “Well, that would be someone who is just about to die in a hospital.”

But I learned that it is not only such people, but all people who are in the same situation. That means each one of us—including me. Buddhism does not deal with other people; it is about me. I must listen to receive the teachings as my own matter. My mindset was corrected.

I was also overwhelmed by how incredible Amida’s Vow is. Only Amida Buddha can save us in a split second of ichinen! I cannot help but feel roused to listen to Buddhism until the finishing point in this life no matter it takes.

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