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Who Always Has Better Memorries?

American politician Benjamin Franklin said this maxim:

“Creditors have always better memories than debtors.”

One who lent money remembers, “I lent you XX yen, in that place, at that time, on that date, in that month, in that year.” They’ll never forget it until death. However, one who has borrowed money says, “Eh? Did I borrow that money?” They tend to forget it.

People remember things that are convenient to them, meaning their good deeds, very well. However, people easily forget things that are inconvenient to them, meaning their bad deeds. However, even if we forget it, seeds we have sown will never fail to grow. This is the law of cause and effect. No one can bend it.

Our physical body is made of foods.

It is said that the results of what we ate will appear after five or ten years. It takes time for the cause to produce the results in that case. Many people like precooked foods and fast foods because they are “easy, cheap, and yummy”. However, they contain many additives and they are harmful to the human body.

If we eat them without much concern, what will happen? Even if we do not fall ill immediately, our deeds will be the seeds of illness in the future.

However, we forget our deeds easily. We even forget what we ate last week. So when we fall ill with a lifestyle-related disease, we get confused. We think, “Why me? Why did I get a disease like this?!”

All the results came from what we have sown. Did it happen because of the foods other people have eaten? No way! Obviously that couldn’t happen

If you want to change bad results like that, you should change the cause. This is the teaching of the law of cause and effect.

“Good deeds bring good results. My deeds bring my results.”

There is not a single exception to that. So, let us make an effort to plant good seeds.

Now I will tell you a good deed that anyone can do right away. That is, “have a smiling face and speak words of kindness”, which is taught in Buddhism. It is said that a smile and a cheerful hello make the world a happier place. Let us start from a simple good deed, which anyone can do easily.


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