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We Become a Person of the Nembutsu


Give a quote from Lamenting the Deviations in which it is taught that anyone who is saved through the Vow of Amida Buddha will attain absolute happiness.


He of the nembutsu is on the path of no hindrance. Why is this so?

Before the one who has true faith, gods of heaven and earth bow down in reverence, and evil spirits and false teachings can pose no obstacle. Such a one is unaffected by any recompense for evil, and beyond the reach of every possible good; thus he is on the path of no hindrance. These were his words.

【Direct translation, Unlocking Tannisho page 63】


Anyone who is saved by Amida and says the nembutsu is blessedly free from all hindrances. Why? Because before one who has been saved by Amida, the gods of heaven and earth bow their heads in reverence, and demons and heretics can no longer offer any obstruction. No sin such a person may commit, however great, will cause him or her to suffer, nor can the results of the greatest good such a person may do possibly equal the joy of salvation; thus any such person enjoys absolute freedom and happiness. This is what the master said.

  【Amplified translation, Unlocking Tannisho page 7】

he of the nembutsu: This does not refer to someone who simply says “Namu Amida Butsu” out loud; rather it means one who has attained true faith. This is evident from the fact that “he of the nembutsu” is rephrased shortly afterwards as “one who has true faith.”


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