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The Power of Amida Buddha's Vow

獲信見敬大慶喜 When one acquires faith, great joy arises; 即横超截五悪趣 Simultaneously one transcends and

severs the five evil realms crosswise

to paraphrase:

When one is saved and embraced by Amida, great joy arises; At the same time, through the power of Amida Buddha, one is liberated from the realms of suffering

When one acquires faith: When one is saved and embraced by Amida Simultaneously: At the same time Crosswise: Through the power of Amida Buddha (other-power) The five evil realms: Realms of delusion and suffering. Also known as

the ‘five realms’. Transcends and severs: To leave the five evil realms and break

away (be liberated) from them


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