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The Boundless Wisdom of Amida


Write the hymn of Master Shinran in which he taught that Amida Buddha can save anyone at all, no matter how evil they are. Give the source too.

Answer: Because the power of Amida's Vow is without limits, Even our evil karma, so deep and heavy, is not an obstruction, Because the Buddha's wisdom is without bounds, Even those of distracted minds and self-indulgence are not


----Hymns on the Three Ages


Here Master Shinran is repeating, “Since there is no limit to Amida Buddha’s power, he saves anyone at all, no matter who they are – even those who are exceedingly evil.” The Buddha’s wisdom is without bounds: Amida Buddha’s power is limitless. Those of distracted minds and self-indulgence: Those who commit whatever evils and as many evils as they please, without any restraint. If not by the limitless power of Amida Buddha, there is absolutely no way we masses of immeasurable evil karma can be saved.

(doctrine book 2-41)


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