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The 10th Anniversary of Unlocking Tannisho, the Ultimate Commentary on Tannisho; Let’s Make This a G

This Year’s Congregation to Celebrate Master Shinran’s Birth is also the 10th Anniversary of Unlocking Tannisho. Until Unlocking Tannisho was published, at least 10 explanatory books on Tannisho used to be released each year. But once Unlocking Tannisho came out, this completely stopped. Thick explanatory books entitled Lecture on Tannisho, Discourse on Tannisho, Explanation of Tannisho, etc. used to be released one after another. Why did they stop being published? Tannisho, or Lamenting the Deviations, presents Master Shinran's frank words on other-power faith as faithfully recorded by one of his disciples, Yuien.

It is difficult to properly understand what Master Shinran said, so before Unlocking Tannisho was published, the authors of commentaries on Tannisho had interpreted it freely, according to their own experiences or beliefs. However, Unlocking Tannisho explains Master Shinran’s true intention based on his own writings, including Teaching, Practice, Faith, Enlightenment. This is totally different from other previous explanatory books. The fact that there has been no objection to Unlocking Tannisho in the 10 years since it was published is proof that it has become the definitive commentary on Tannisho. The original text, Tannisho, still remains popular and it ranks amongst publisher Iwanami's top 20 best-selling pocket-sized books.

However, it is difficult to understand the original text and so explanation is necessary. Unlocking Tannisho is leaps and bounds ahead of other commentaries on Tannisho. It is running alone in front. Now is the time to spread the true meaning of the precious words of Tannisho. Let us celebrate Master Shinran’s birth and the outstanding excellence of Unlocking Tannisho together with fellow followers.


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