• Luigi

Seeds Planted Will Surely Grow

Buddhism clarifies the mechanism of our destiny, which everyone is eager to know. Shakyamuni Buddha teaches that our destiny (happiness or unhappiness) is the results of our own actions. Buddha teaches that your destiny is related to your actions: “Good cause, good effect. Bad cause, bad effect. Own cause, own effect.”

“Good cause, good effect” means good actions bring you good results (happiness and joy).

“Bad cause, bad effect” means bad actions bring bad results (unhappiness and suffering).

“Own cause, own effect” means good and bad results are all the results of seeds (actions) we ourselves have planted.

The results of your own actions come back to you. There is no exception to this. Other people’s actions will never cause your own results, and your actions will never cause other people’s results either. Only your actions can bring about your results. This is a universal law. “Good cause, good effect” “Bad cause, bad effect” “Own cause, own effect.” You only reap what you sow. You will never reap what you did not sow.


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