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Proceeding to the West


Answer the following questions on the Parable of the Two Rivers and the White Path:

1. What is the western bank? 2. What is the eastern bank? 3. What is the white path? 4. What are the bandits and vicious beasts? 5. What is the river of fire? 6. What is the river of water? 7. What is meant by “proceeding to the west”?

Answer: 1. Amida Buddha’s Pure Land 2. The Saha world (The realm of endurance) 3. The desire to seek the truth; faith 4. Anything that stands in the way of seeking truth and listening

to Buddhism 5. Anger 6. Desire 7. Seeking happiness

Footnotes *Anxiety and fear: In Buddhist terms, this is referred to as “doubt and apprehension.” “Doubt” means the mind that doubts in Amida Buddha's Vow, and “apprehension” means anxiety regarding the afterlife.

(from Buddhism Doctrine 6-4)

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