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Our Upside-Down Deluded Views


Even though one has been saved by Amida Buddha, worldly passions will never be rooted out. Give a quote from Master Zonkaku that clarifies this.


“Even though the three poisonous worldly passions keep arising, true faith is not disturbed by them. Even though upside-down deluded views never cease, they no longer bring bad consequences in the future.”

(Essentials on Pure Land Shin Buddhism)


Even though one has been saved by Amida Buddha, worldly passions such as desire, anger, hatred, and jealousy will never be rooted out at all. However, the true faith granted by Amida will never be obstructed by such worldly passions at all. The upside-down deluded views will never change, but one who has been saved by Amida will never sink into the world of suffering again.

Three poisonous worldly passions: desire, anger, and envy.

Upside-down deluded views: Wrong views that are upside-down in the eyes of Buddha. (Please refer to Buddhist Doctrine 2 Question 39.)

Amida’s true target is those who are nothing but worldly passions. Once the root of our suffering has been completely severed in a split-second, we will be brought aboard the ship of Namu Amida Butsu with our worldly passions still fully intact, and our bright and cheerful voyage towards the Pure Land will begin.

“Arranged flowers may bloom

Deceived by worldly water

But they will never bear fruit”


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