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Mind's Death And Mind's Birth


The “acquisition of faith” (shinjin ketsujo) means dying once. Write the words of Master Shinran and Master Kakunyo in which they taught this, and give the sources too.

Answer: Revelation of the Primal Vow means the end of the former mind (in the former-moment). ----Gutoku’s Notes

When, during this life, you listen to the teachings of the true Buddhist masters and encounter Amida’s ichinen salvation, that means the end, the final passing, of illusion. ----Notes on Steadfast Holding


Quote from Gutoku’s Notes “The moment when the veracity of Amida’s Vow is clearly revealed is the moment when one’s life of delusion dies.” Revelation of the Primal Vow: To have one’s doubts in Amida’s Vow completely cleared up; to have encountered the Vow of Amida and had its truth revealed. The settlement of faith. The end of the former mind (in the former-moment): The “former mind” is the life of delusion that has been transmigrating for countless kalpas. This refers to the deluded self-power mind, or the mind of darkness. The “end of the former mind” refers to death.

Quote from Notes on Steadfast Holding “When, in this life, one attains Amida’s ichinen salvation, having followed the teachings of the true masters, that means the end of this life; the funeral of the mind.” You listen to the teachings of the true Buddhist masters: Having believed and followed the teachings of the true masters. The final passing: The death of the mind. “Encountering Amida’s ichinen salvation” refers to the moment when the mind of brightness towards the afterlife is born. Simultaneously, the mind of darkness towards the afterlife dies; this is expressed as "the end, the final passing, of illusion." At the very moment when ichinen salvation occurs, the mind of illusion dies completely.

*Reference You Were Born For a Reason (Part 2 Chapter 27) Petals of Shinran: Cherry Blossom (Ch 43: What Is the Meaning of Two Deaths and Two Funerals?)

(doctrine book 4-14)


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