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Master Genshin: How Much of a Blessing It Is To Be Born Human


Write the words of Master Genshin in which he taught how much of a blessing it is to be born human. Give the source too.


To have escaped the three evil realms and to have been born human is a rare blessing. No matter how low in status we are, we are better than animals. No matter how poor we are, we are in a much better situation than the hungry ghosts. Even though we suffer because we cannot get what we want, the pain is no comparison to that of hell.

--- Yokawa Sermon

The three evil realms

The hell realm, the realm of hungry spirits, and the realm of animals.

These words teach us plainly how much of a blessing it is to be born human by comparing human suffering to the suffering of the three evil realms.

(From the doctrine book No. 2-2)


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