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Life of Vasubandhu Bodhisattva, part 4

天親菩薩造論説  Vasubandhu Bodhisattva composed a discourse

帰命無礙光如来  Declaring that he had been saved by the Buddha of

Unhindered Light

                       ----Chant Book pg. 21

After having slandered Buddhism and fled the house, Vasubandhu was brought back by his brother Asanga. Asanga realized this was his last chance and was determined to teach the essence of Buddhism to Vasubandhu. Hearing his brother speak, Vasubandhu grew pale and repented of his evil deeds.

“Oh no! I was the one who was completely wrong! I did not know just how profound the Buddhist teachings are! I have kept slandering such wonderful teachings!”

Right after that, he went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

“What are you doing, Vasubandhu!?”

“Oh my brother! I have been committing the horrible evil of slandering Buddhism with my tongue. I must apologize for it by cutting off my tongue.”

Vasubandhu had scarcely finished speaking when Asanga began to thunder out.

“What a fool you are! Do you really think cutting off your tongue is enough to atone for such a horrific evil deed? If you repent of slandering Buddhism, Vasubandhu, praise and convey the teachings of Buddhism to as many people as possible with the very tongue you have used to slander Buddhism. There is nothing else you can do to make amends for what you have done.”

Awakened by his brother's words, Vasubandhu became a follower of Mahayana Buddhism. He was saved by Amida Buddha (the Buddha of Unhindered Light) and devoted his whole life to spreading the teaching of Amida Buddha’s Vow.

Vasubandhu is also known as the "Master of 1000 Discourses." As the name suggests, he wrote thousands of books. Among them, Discourse on the Pure Land is one of the most respected and well-known works in the history of Buddhism. In fact, Master Shinran quoted this work many times in his own writings.

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