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"Key to Source of Human Wellbeing Lies Within Amida Buddha’s Vow"

Mr. Iwao Nakajima in the center with his Buddhist Friends on February 12, 2017.

"Gakuto: One who learns, believes, and conveys the teachings of Shinran.

The key to the source of human wellbeing lies within Amida Buddha’s Vow Upon becoming a Shinran Gakuto, Mr. Iwao Nakajima (85) from Honjyo City, Saitama said happily, “I have fulfilled a long time dream!” Since he was a primary school child, he has dreamed of serving for the wellbeing and happiness of all humanity and even felt it was his mission. He worked all over Japan and saved money to purchase about 16.5m² of real estate. He strongly believed that the real estate would help him to accomplish his mission. Since then, he had been looking for a teaching that would fulfill his dream. He recalled, “I went to many different organizations. Because I could not judge those organizations on appearance, I would listen to their teachings for at least 3 years.”

But after all that effort and expense, he found himself unsatisfied with any of the organizations. During the summer two years ago, he turned to a group called the “Yamagishi Association.” However, an event held there triggered an opportunity to listen to the teachings of Master Shinran. Shinran Gakuto Mr. and Mrs. Abe held this event to present a slide show of the animation on Master Shinran, knowing that Mr. Nakajima would be attending the event. Deeply impressed by many things about Master Shinran, Mr. Nakajima felt that the key to his long-sought path lay within the teachings of Master Shinran. From that point on, he not only went to Buddhist seminars within the city but also at Saitama Kumagaya Shinran Center, which is located 30km away.

Since last year, he has visited the 2,000 Tatami Mat Hall many times. He said, “Once I listened to Amida Buddha’s Vow, I realized that this is the very teaching that will help all people achieve happiness.” That is when he became convinced that Shinrankai is an organization for global peace and made up his mind to walk the path of a Shinran Gakuto. Right after listening to a lecture at the 2,000 Tatami Mat Hall in February, he attended a short period of training at the Buddhist Academy.

“I realized that what will change Japan and the world is the teachings of Master Shinran. The real estate I purchased a while ago has been waiting for this moment.” 50 years have passed since he purchased real estate due to his aspirations.


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