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If You Tell a Lie, Nobody Will Trust You The Boy Who Cried Wolf ―Aesop’s Fable

Once there was a boy who was taking care of sheep. The days went by peacefully, without any change. Soon he found life very dull. One day, he had the sheep move to somewhere far away from the village. Then, he came up with a plan to amuse himself. He shouted at the top of his voice, “Wolf! Wolf! Help me!” As he expected, it caused a big fuss all over the village. Sheep are precious property, so many villagers came running to help the sheep. But when they got there, they found no wolf. The boy was laughing among the relaxing sheep. “Did you tell a lie?! How dare you deceive us adults!” They went back in a rage.

A few days later the shepherd boy again shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!” Again the villagers ran to help him. “Maybe this time he really means it!” However, they found that it was a lie again. Whenever the boy cried out, the adults would all gather looking so serious. He thought it was hilarious. However, after he did the same thing three times, nobody trusted what the boy said. One day, a wolf really did come and attack the sheep. The boy was surprised. He shouted, “Wolf! Wolf! There really is a wolf this time! This is not a lie! Help me!” But no one ran to help him. The villagers said, “He cannot fool us again.” The wolf killed all of the boy’s sheep.

If you tell a lie, it’s only natural that nobody will trust you. This fable by Aesop teaches such a clear lesson through a memorable story. Though we may not intend on deceiving people as brazenly as this boy, we too are sometimes liars. For example: being late for the agreed meeting time, missing a deadline, forgetting something left in our charge … For those who have had a promise broken on them, it is same as being told a lie. If all you do is say, “Sorry, sorry!” and repeat the same failure, you will end up not being trusted at all. We should not make promises that we will not be able to carry out. If you find yourself unable to keep a promise, you should make a sincere apology. Let us always keep this in mind.


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