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I Want to Convey True Buddhism Across All of Africa

No matter where you are from, once you know the truth, you will be so happy that you cannot help but convey it to others. Thanks to the Vow-power of the Supreme Buddha, two Shinran Followers from Africa attended the Congregation to Celebrate Master Shinran’s Birth in May for the very first time. After the event, we received letters about their efforts to convey the truth in their home countries.

Pierre from the Congo Translated Lecture Scripts into French

Takuya Saito, Japan

Pierre Batoko from the Congo makes a living by teaching English in the evenings. He spends most of the daytime listening to Buddhism and conveying the teachings to others. Despite poor Internet connectivity in Africa, he makes sure to attend online Buddhist study sessions held by Buddhist teacher Mr. Morita almost every week. He often asks questions, such as, "What is the meaning of 'Namu Amida Butsu', which we say during the chanting?" He also teaches Buddhism to friends who live in his town, Kisangani. Because of his efforts to convey the teachings, his former colleagues from when he worked as a teacher told him that they want to become Shinran Followers.

After the Congregation to Celebrate Master Shinran’s Birth, Pierre got his first personal computer. He had trouble figuring out how to use it at first since he was not used to using a computer, but he translated various short lecture scripts from English to French on topics such as "What Is a Buddha?" "The Life of Shakyamuni Buddha" "The Law of Cause and Effect" and "The Reality of Mankind."

The official language of the Congo is French. I have been learning French and my dream is to share Buddhism in French-speaking countries, so Pierre and I have started holding Buddhist study sessions in French online. The Wheel of Dharma has steadily begun to reach more and more people in French-speaking countries, such as Canada, Belgium, the Republic of Cameroon, and so on. Pierre often says his mission on Earth is to listen to Buddhism and then convey it to others. His passion towards Buddhism is very inspiring.

A Buddhist teacher Nobuaki Kondo told us the following: Mr. David Odera is conveying Buddhism with passion after returning to his home of Nairobi, Kenya. David is actively trying to convey Buddhism to others. He gives Buddhist books to his friends and talks to them about the teachings. He was also invited as a Buddhist teacher to the university that his brother goes to. Recently, he has begun inviting two of his friends to his house every Saturday and reading You Were Born for a Reason and Unlocking Tannisho together with them. He says they are both very interested and want to continue learning. His understanding of Buddhism becomes deeper the more he conveys the teachings to others. We receive many questions from him during online study sessions, like, "Why does Buddhism put so much emphasis on impermanence?" "Even though I try to focus on listening to Buddhism, my desire for relative happiness gets in the way. What should I do?" David says, "I would like to be put on the 'path of no hindrance' that I heard about during the Congregation to Celebrate Master Shinran’s Birth, so I want to listen more." It is financially difficult for him to attend the 60th Anniversary, but he is trying his best to do so.

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