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I, Shinran, Am Capable of Any Deed, However Horrible.


Write the words of Master Shinran in which he said, “When there are conditions, I, Shinran, he would do anything if the conditions were only present.” Give the source too.


Under the right conditions, I, Shinran, would do anything. 

--- Lamenting the Deviations

You Were Born For a Reason page 76】

In other words: “Given a compelling set of conditions, I, Shinran, am capable of any deed, however horrible.”

right conditions: Inexorable conditions. ; unavoidable conditions.

anything: Refers to the deeds of the body, mouth, and mind. There is not a single deed which is not included amongst “anything” here

“When there are conditions are present, I would do anything.” means, “I have any all kinds of causes,.”, or, “There is no cause which I don’t have.”

(From the doctrine book No. 2-34)


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