• Luigi

"I just do the right thing"

I had a talk with someone yesterday who told me that her boyfriend asked her to marry him. She was delighted of course, and said yes. She joked that maybe he just wants to marry her because of the many good things she told me that she does for him. “You are good,” I said. “No,” she replied, “I just do the right thing.”

According to Buddhist Law, what she said and what she does is very smart. Buddhism comes down to a simple, “do good and stop doing bad.” Do the 6 good deeds, and stop practicing bad deeds. The key is DO, and not just think about doing. We learn in Buddhism that if you want to stop getting bad results, then stop doing bad. If you want happiness, practice good deeds. The result never goes to others. It comes back to you,and what you planted. Buddha never said it was ok to listen and not practice. You must practice the law. This is why he taught us the law. Listening means to put into practice.

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