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Hearing Alone Determines Salvation

Question: Write the words of Master Rennyo in which he taught that “the most essential in Buddhism is chomon”—hearing alone determines salvation. Give the source too.


The stone is very hard; water is very soft. Constant dripping wears away the stone. There is an old saying: ‘Nothing is impossible to realize if we focus and strive with body and soul.’ Even though one is still without Faith (Amida's salvation), if we focus on listening to Buddhism, we will be granted Faith through the compassion [of Amida]. The most essential in Buddhism is chomon (listening to Buddhism). (Hearing alone determines salvation by Amida.)

----Master Rennyo, The Words of Rennyo Heard and Recorded

During His Lifetime) (H29.10.11)

(from the doctrine book 5-30)


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