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Gratitude for Amida's Incredible Compassion

Thinking only of “directing salvation to them from his sincere mind” Naoko Ujibe, Osaka

One is taken aboard the great ship and attains absolute happiness in the ichinen when one receives the Name, which is the treasure of the universe, in its entirety. We do not have the power to board the ship ourselves or even the desire to do so, so instead, the ship comes right at us. This is Amida Buddha “directing salvation to us from his sincere mind.” What particularly made an impression on me was that the “sincere mind” is Amida Buddha’s mind of truth. It is his desire to just make us attain absolute happiness, without any expectation of thanks or repayment. When I do even the smallest good deed, I can never forget it, and if it isn’t acknowledged then I start to feel like I shouldn’t have done it. But Amida Buddha only ever thinks of giving. I couldn’t help but feel astonished at his incredible compassion. With this compassionate drive, Takamori-sensei is also striving hard to deliver “why we live” to all humanity, thinking only of giving. My debt of gratitude to him is inestimable.

Unconditional salvation that seeks no recompense

Naomi Taniwaki, Toyama Prefecture

In the realm of humans, there is no good deed done without expectation of repayment. Furthermore, we focus all of our love on just a few people who are important to us, such as family, friends, and lovers. Even if we force ourselves to do good for a time, if we don’t get anything back for it then we’ll stop. In the end, we resent the person we tried to help and regret making that effort. But Amida Buddha’s compassion extends to all people, and all Amida Buddha wants is for us to attain birth in the Pure Land and be happy. He does not mind at all if we do not thank him for it. Upon hearing this, I felt that this is the unconditional salvation that all humanity is longing for. For having encountered Buddhism and being able to listen continuously, I cannot give enough thanks.


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