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Fortune Is Unpredictable and Changeable. Do Not Despair When You Fall or Be Proud When You Rise

Long ago in China, there was a province called Sai. There lived an elderly man who was quite fond of horses. One evening, one of the horses he was caring for broke out of its stable and ran away. As the elderly man had been caring so closely for the horse that ran away, needless to say his sorrow and despair was beyond words.

However, after a few months, that horse returned with an even more outstanding horse. The elderly man rejoiced. The second horse was so splendid that the elderly man was filled with happiness and immediately asked his son to ride it.

No sooner did the son get on the horse than the horse began running about the mountains and fields at lightning speed. The horse was so swift that the son lost his balance and fell onto the ground. This fall left him disabled for life. The elderly man lamented his sad fate.

Meanwhile, a war broke out with the neighboring country. All the young and able-bodied men were drafted to the war. Many of them got injured, became sick, or died in the war. However, since the elderly man's son was handicapped, he did not qualify for the draft, so he avoided that tragic fate. The elderly man was relieved that his son didn't die in the war and so rejoiced over the disability of his son.

As you saw, the elderly man was depressed when his beloved horse ran away, but later it returned with an even better horse. While the elderly man was rejoicing over his newly-found horse, his son became disabled.

Later the elderly man regretted that his son had to become handicapped all because of the "superior" horse that his beloved horse had returned home with.

However, once the elderly man heard that many young and able-bodied men even in his own neighborhood had lost their lives to the war, he was relieved that his own son's life was spared. What is good fortune and what is bad fortune? Misfortune does not last forever, just as good fortune doesn't last forever. That's the reality of our lives.

Do not despair when you fall or be proud when you rise.


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