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Doctrinal Q&A - Amida's Virtue

Q: Amida Buddha’s virtues are limitless, but two of them are particularly noteworthy. Write those two.


Infinite light

Infinite life


Infinite light

This means that Amida Buddha’s power is limitless.

“Light” is also expressed as “wisdom,” the “power of buddha’s mind,” or a “buddha’s power.” It refers to the power of Amida Buddha, which destroys the darkness of mind that is the source of our suffering.

Infinite life

This means that Amida Buddha’s life is limitless.

“Life” means “compassion,” and it is the working that makes us be born into everlasting happiness. Put together, these two virtues are called Amida’s “dual infinite virtues of light and life.”

(from 2-8 of the doctrine book)


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