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Chapter2-4 : When a bud that you never expected appears, look back and see what kind of a seed you p

When some unexpected trouble arises in our lives, we tend to hold our head in our hands, asking in desperation, “Why did this have to happen to me?” and crying out, “It shouldn’t be this way!

At such times, the Buddha teaches us to have a clear view of the law of cause and effect.

This law states that all results whatsoever have their causes.

This is a truth that is unchanging and universal, whatever the historical period or the specific place.

Therefore, when a problem comes up, it’s important first to calm yourself and reflect on the past, asking yourself what was the cause of the trouble.

Once the cause is known, you can consider how to improve the present situation and learn how to prevent the same kind of problem from arising in future.

Your past “action” was the cause of the unexpected trouble you are now facing.

This is the Buddha’s teaching.

So it is important not to resign oneself to the situation, using expressions like “by chance,” “coincidentally,” or “unfortunately,” or phrases like, “It can’t be helped.”

Instead you should take a hard look at the more fundamental causes of your problem.

When Shakyamuni teaches us to have a clear view of the law of cause and effect, he is telling us not to give up on things, but to take a good look at real causes.

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