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Brothers From Mexico: "People All Over the World Are Amigos"

Emanuel (left) and Fernando

Last December, a young Mexican man called Emanuel (27, left in the picture) visited the 2,000 Tatami Mat Hall together with his brother Fernando (23, right in the picture). He said, “I was moved to hear that there are no national borders in Buddhism, and that people all over the world are our brothers and amigos.”

It was the “politeness of Japanese people” that guided Emanuel to Buddhism.

He had worked for a software company and had admired the punctuality of his Japanese partners.

“I wondered why they were so well-mannered and started learning about Japanese culture on the Internet. Then I realized that it was based on the Buddhist spirit, in which harmony is prioritized.”

Last July, when he was interested in finding out what Buddhism teaches, he encountered Mr. Nobuaki Kondo, who was conveying Buddhism in the United States, and started learning Buddhism from him on the Internet. He was moved by the sophisticated teachings based on the law of cause and effect, and decided to become a Shinran Follower last August.

People of Mexico treasure their bonds with their family members, and Emanuel is no exception. He has such a strong bond with his younger brother, in fact, that he pays all of his university expenses. Encouraged by his brother, Fernando decided to visit Japan with Emanuel.

After watching the movie “WHY LIVE: Master Rennyo and the Fire at Yoshizaki”, Fernando listened to a sermon at the 2,000 Tatami Mat Hall. He said, “Takamori-sensei explained Buddhist terms in detail so that beginners like me would understand. My brother and I are so thankful to him. I want to keep learning more about this.”

Mexico is located in the south of North America, and Spanish is the country's official language. The population is approximately 130 million and Catholics account for 80% of them. Mexico has many resort spots where you can enjoy a cheerful atmosphere


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