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Adlerian Psychology Collapses

Hideyuki Kobori, lawyer

It is taught that the sea that is difficult to cross is our life, with its ceaseless waves of suffering, and there are many people who cannot bear life’s suffering and commit suicide. When we hear this, we have this question: “Then what about gold medalists? They are putting so much energy into life. They are at the opposite end of those who commit suicide. Are they suffering in the sea of tribulation?”

To this question, I heard this answer: The waves of suffering are worldly passions. I understood it very well. All people including gold medalists or first-rate CEOs are suffering, seeking fame and wealth. Almost all essays on life teach us not to be overly fixated on anything.

Recently, Adlerian psychology has become popular. It teaches that we are suffering because we are taken in by other people’s evaluations of us and it recommends us not to fixate on others’ opinions since we are still just us. However, as we cannot get rid of our desires for fame, his theory completely collapses. It bears no comparison at all to the teachings of Master Shinran. I am so glad to hear about salvation as we are, without getting rid of our worldly passions. Embracing this joy, I will share these teachings with many people.


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