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A Taiwanese Woman Learned Japanese and Now Is a Buddhist Teacher

Ms. Yo Su Xing was newly certified as a teacher of Buddhism on Aug 1st and left for Taiwan to convey Buddhism on the 8th. She got training at the Buddhism Academy for 2 years in addition to a year of training for the non-Japanese at the Buddhism Boarding School. She learned the standards for becoming a teacher of Buddhism as well as Japanese language. Now she listens to Buddhism in Japanese and writes lecture notes in Japanese too.

“Senior teachers of Buddhism are all like close family members and they are all dedicated to conveying why we live to the world. I was very encouraged to watch everyone conveying Buddhism all over the world via Internet,” she says.

“It was only because of Amida Buddha and Takamori-sensei that I could have a chance to learn at the Buddhism Academy and Shinran Followers Boarding School. To return for what I have received, I will convey the true Buddhism to as many people as possible in Taiwan which we will all be saved by listening to Buddhism solely and will attain ultimate happiness while we live,” Ms. Yo Su Xing told us determinedly.

Buddhist teacher Ichiro Okonogi, who is in charge of Taiwan, says about having Ms. Yo Su Xing in Taiwan, everyone in Taiwan has been waiting for a teacher of Buddhism who can teach Buddhism directly in their mother tongue. We have now everything to spread Buddhism. Hoping to nurture the young generations of Shinran Followers even more in the near future.

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