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A Game of Othello and Life

Noriko Murakami, Osaka Prefecture

When I heard, “How should we swim in order to attain happiness until we drown?” I had a sudden realization. It is just same as asking, “How should we fight for this match, which we will lose without fail?” “My company will go bankrupt without fail, but until that time, what should I do in order to gain success?” If all is going to end in tragedy, then no matter how much we enjoyed life, it would be in vain.

If I compare my life to a game of Othello, even I seem to be winning smoothly, in the end, all will be overturned and I will be utterly defeated. When I think of this, I cannot stand it. Soon, everything will be washed away by the big tsunami of “death”. Despite this, I’m collecting logs such as money, possessions, fame, and family members and clinging to them for dear life. What kind of fool am I?!

The means is important to achieve the purpose. Logs and planks are not something needless but something important. However, if I am captivated by them and lose the purpose of life, which is of utmost importance, that is putting the cart before the horse. I will take this to heart.


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